At First Look Capital Management, our mission is to provide clients with personalized service that helps achieve their financial and retirement objectives, with a focus on controlling associated risk. Our guidance and advice are based on placing the goals and needs of our clients first.

What we believe in…

  • Our investment philosophy is centered on growth without undue risk, always keeping principal preservation in mind.
  • We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously. We strive to always increase the value of the currency of our trade, which is the trust our clients place in us.
  • We treat our service commitment as having “clients for life”. We are fiercely loyal to the families and businesses that engage us, and never retreat from our focus on their best interest.

How we are different…

  • Keeping costs low for our clients is a very high priority.
  • We are able to evaluate and recommend separately managed accounts across a wide variety of platforms.
  • We are not committed to any particular managed account provider. We’ll go wherever we feel is best for the client. Period.
  • We have the ability to provide our clients with either discretionary or non-discretionary portfolio management.